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    HF RFID 读卡器演示板




     1 Introduction
    Debit HF Reader has the same size with the debit card. And it is designed to support ISO14443A/B, ISO15693 and ISO18092 (NFC) standards.
    The reference design consists of four ICs, a microcontroller, a RFIC, a USB to UART IC, and a power management IC. And it also contains eight LEDs to indicate the states of the reader which could be defined by users.
    A graphical user interface (GUI) for PC is available giving access to all internal registers of the AS3910 RFID device .The Debit Reader communicates with the host computer and draws its power via a conventional USB interface.
    The Debit Reader is designed to operate on a 5V supply not exceeding the current capability of the USB interface. The communication between the microcontroller and the RFIC is done via a standard SPI interface.

    1.1 Key Features
    Unique antenna trimming system providing correction range of LC
    Transparent mode to implement other standard and custom protocols
    AM/PM demodulator to eliminate communication holes
    Adjustable output power
    SPI interface between controller and RFIC
    User selectable and automatic gain control
    RSSI measurement
    Communication with host computer using the USB interface
    Controller software written in C enables fast porting to other controller types



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